Al-Ahly extends Akram Tawfiq’s contract to 2025 after returning from the Olympics


Al-Ahly club officials have decided to extend the contract of Akram Tawfiq, the star of the red team, for an additional two seasons, as his contract expires in the 2023 season, so that it is agreed to add two seasons to his contract with an amendment to the financial value he receives, and Al-Ahly officials are scheduled to hold a session with Akram Tawfiq upon his return from Participation with the national team in the Tokyo Olympics to sign contracts.

Al-Ahly raises the value of Akram Tawfiq’s contract

Akram Tawfiq earns an annual amount of 2 million and 800,000 pounds, but the Al-Ahly administration wants to raise the value of his contract to 5 million pounds annually to compensate him for rejecting the professional offers he received recently, and to convince him to continue inside the club and distract the idea of ​​professionalism in the near future.

Akram Tawfik

Akram Tawfik presents excellent levels with Al-Ahly and the national team

Akram Tawfik presents excellent levels, whether with Al-Ahly or our Olympic team, to prove himself among the adults. One of the most prominent things is playing with combat and high spirit, as well as the ability to perform more than one position with the same efficiency.

Akram Tawfiq leads the Olympic team very brilliantly. He is the most proficient element in the ranks of the young pharaohs in the current Tokyo Olympics, after he led the team to the quarter-finals to face Brazil next Saturday at twelve oclock in the eighth round of the Tokyo Olympics after the Pharaohs qualified for the third group, occupying second place in His group, which included Spain, ranked first, Australia and Argentina.

Akram Tawfik raises the slogan “Forbidden Organisms”

Al-Ahly fans praise the performance of Akram Tawfiq Al-Katali, who was the best alternative to the absence of Mohamed Hani in the past matches, especially against the Tunisian Esperance, after Libyan Hamdo Al-Huni prevented from passing on more than one occasion and was one of the reasons for Al-Ahly’s qualification for the African final before he shined against Kaizer Chiefs to lead the Red Genie to the crown In the African Champions League for the tenth time in its history, Akram Tawfiq booked a key position in Al-Ahly’s squad after the manly performance, especially as he raised the slogan “It is forbidden to sting” in the right front, which is the sentence he was famous for in the World Cup clubs in front of the Brazilian Palmeiras..

Akram Tawfik

Akram Tawfiq Joker Al-Ahly and the Olympic team

Akram Tawfik was out on loan to El-Gouna club, during the last season, where he starred with the coastal team, to join the ranks of the Olympic team and become one of its most important elements and contribute with his colleagues to the crowning of the African Nations Youth Championship that was held in Egypt in 2019, to reserve the Pharaohs visa Qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, Akram Tawfik brilliance, whether in El Gouna or with the Pharaohs, made him impose himself on the list of those returning to the Red Castle after the loan ended, even though he plays in a center full of distinguished players while he is in the middle of the stadium, which includes resonant names such as Amr Al-Sulayya, Hamdi Fathi and Alio Diang, In addition to the ability of many players in the team to play in this position, such as Rami Rabia and Mahmoud Metwally, the return of Akram Tawfiq was a successful decision by the officials of the red team, especially after the pressure of matches and the fall of many injuries among the team, whether in the center or right-back, to be used With Akram Tawfik, who excelled in both positions, filling the gaps and making the difference with his colleagues.


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