Al-Ahly sells “The Butcher” to El-Gouna for 5 million pounds


Al-Ahly club officials agreed to sell Mahmoud El-Jazzar, the defender of the red team, to El-Gouna, for 5 million pounds, after the coastal club activated the purchase clause in his loan contract from the Red Castle during the current season.

El-Gouna club officials succeeded in activating the clause of buying Mahmoud El-Jazzar from Al-Ahly in the contract of borrowing the player from Al-Ahly, which stipulates his purchase in exchange for the Red Castle officials receiving 5 million pounds.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly had previously obtained the services of the butcher two seasons ago, coming from Kahraba Ismailia, for 2 million pounds.

Al-Ahly club officials saved from selling and loaning the butcher an amount of 7 and a half million pounds after he sold it for 5 million pounds, in addition to loaning him two successive seasons for one and a half million respectively, bringing the net profit that Al-Ahly achieved from selling the butcher to El-Gouna 5 and a half million pounds after deducting the amount that was made. He paid him to his former club, Kahraba Ismailia.

It is noteworthy that there was a clause in the butcher loan contract that gave the coastal club the right to convert the loan of the player into a final sale in exchange for paying 5 million pounds before the day of July 10, which was used by the coastal club to buy the player before the deadline between the two clubs expired.


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