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“Arif” is a nucleus of Egyptian action films worth watching, and not just a bad imitation of foreign films with a bunch of pre-excuses for lack of budget

Among the Eid al-Adha films, the movie “Arif” starring Ahmed Ezz, Carmen Basibes, Mahmoud Hamida, Ahmed Fahmy, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, directed by Ahmed Alaa El-Deeb, written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir, and like most of Ahmed Ezz’s works, the film belongs to the action genre with a clear national touch, to promote His position as a competitor to Amir Karara, the actor who has been presenting works that combine art and ideology for years.

Traditional Egyptian Action

The movie “Al-Arif” revolves around Younes, who lives with his wife and infant daughter in an apartment in the center of the country, and works in a secret government information agency, and resorts to robbery of a bank via the Internet, but he retires and wants to move away, until his boss Murad tries to bring him back to work again. With softness or force, and succeeds in this after tempting him to return his old rival to work, which gives him the opportunity to avenge the murder of his wife’s parents instead of him by mistake in an assassination orchestrated by Radi.

From here, we learn more about the task in which Younis (Ahmed Ezz) and Radi (Ahmed Fahmy) are wrestling in a mixture of informational and actual war over data that changed the shape of conflicts in the Arab region, and events revolve between Egypt, Bulgaria and Italy.

For years, Egyptian filmmakers have been trying to present distinctive action films, as they are one of the most popular and common cinematic genres, and with the comedic declining somewhat, the field is already open, and the audience – especially young people – is receptive to films similar to what they watch from foreign but Egyptian works starring their beloved stars.

But this endeavor is not always successful, once because Egyptian directors were affected by poor-quality American films, and again because of poor capabilities and budgets, or the heroes not having the physical qualifications required for the type of cinematic action.

However, Al Arif survived by offering a really good action movie, exciting and entertaining, with well-designed physical fight scenes, really professionally filmed chases and explosions, and a hero who is physically fit and trained enough to be persuasive to the audience.

But the other crisis facing Egyptian action film makers is that they started where others started and not where they ended. Over the past two decades, there has been a steady development in traditional cinematic genres, by merging them, manipulating the boundaries, or even imposing psychological or philosophical dimensions on The struggle between good and evil.

Films with a national flavor or with pre-determined agendas such as the American-Russian or Chinese conflict have receded to some extent to be considered old and outdated traditional films, and “Al-Arif” is one of these films that despite its seriousness and good level, in the world of action it has become a fleeting fashion. need to develop.

The illusion of masculinity and eternal youth

In an Arab art scene that produces new stars with very complex mechanisms, some old stars still dominate the cinematic scene, including Ahmed Ezz, who is 50 years old, but he is one of the most important action stars who count on the fingers of one hand.

Ahmed Ezz made his stardom at first because of his handsomeness that qualified him to present romantic and social roles, but then he moved smoothly to suspense and excitement films such as “Malaki Alexandria”, “The Hostage” and “The Ghost”, then the next move was to action films such as the duo “Welad Rizk” and “The Cell.” Of course, during this march, Ezz dealt with a number of directors and authors, despite that, he maintained the same acting style, even jokes or jokes, the way they were delivered and their quality, as if he was writing his dialogue himself or having the artistic weight that makes him He overshadows both the role of the director and the author.

It seems that Ahmed Ezz himself believes that wit and jokes should carry sexual or degrading hints to women in one way or another, to show his handsomeness and virility and his influence on the women around him, and despite the change of actresses who work with him or the roles they present, they are in the end just another party in The dialogue is nothing more than the star’s ironic stupidity, as well as eyes staring wide at his extreme handsomeness.

This racist and insulting discourse was previously demonstrated in the films “Welad Rizk”, which can be justified in this context by the fact that the hero and his brothers come from a popular environment that has its own view of jokes and women, but in the movie “Al-Arif” we are in front of an educated hero and certainly from a higher social environment, Therefore, these comments are not consistent with the personality or the situations in which he was received, and nothing more than Ahmed Ezz’s image of himself that he tries to pass on in all his works, whatever they may be.

In the end, and apart from Ahmed Ezz’s performance, we find that we are in front of a traditional action movie, but it is well-made, entertaining and exciting, suitable to be a nucleus for Egyptian action films that really deserve to be seen, and not just a bad imitation of foreign films with a bunch of pre-excuses for the lack of budget, but rather it is a professional work worth watching.


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