Al-Nahhas: Missing a lie is a lie that they believed, loved and repeated


Imad Al-Nahhas, the technical director of the Arab Contractors, criticized whoever accuses any coach of being lenient in front of his former club, saying that it was a lie that some repeated until they believed it, saying that he was satisfied with the team’s performance until receiving the first goal against Al-Ahly from a defensive mistake.

Al-Nahhas said in his statements in the press conference after the 2-0 loss to Al-Ahly: “We played a good game defensively and we were good in 77 minutes, but in the end, when you face Al-Ahly, you should not make a mistake, and when we made the mistake, we received the goal, and then we tried to return to the match, but We couldn’t provide anything.”

He continued, “Comparing the performance of the team today and in previous matches, I think we did better.”

He continued: “In the first round, we were able to create more counter-attacks and scored two goals, but the circumstances made us in today’s match to be (under the ball) all the time.”

In response to a question about what is being raised about leniency in the matches: “No comment, I think coaching is an honorable profession and every coach must preserve the honor of his profession. Ahlawi is just a lie that someone lied, loved and repeated.”


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