Al-Sit is a Sudanese film that wins international awards


The Sudanese short film “The Six,” directed by Susanna Mirghani, has won 13 international awards this year, including three awards this week: Best Director from the Beirut International Film Festival for Women, Best Short Film, and the Cherman Award from the Zanzibar International Film Festival. In addition to the praises of festival audiences, and its jury, for the artistic quality of the film, and for it to be the most award-winning Arab short film during 2021.

The film tells the story of Nafisa, a 15-year-old Sudanese girl who lives in a village known for growing cotton. Her heart is fond of a young man named Babiker; But her family arranged a marriage for her with young Nader, a businessman living abroad. As for her grandmother, who is the woman in the village, she also made special plans for Nafisas life. Will this girl be able to choose for herself the next path of her life?

Al Sitt, an emotional story from Sudan, presents a story about women, whether sitting at the top of the pyramid of power, or at the bottom, shedding light on both ends of the social chains, and the changes that modern life imposes on these societies.

At the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, the jury unanimously chose it as the best short film, preceded by the Audience Choice Awards, the jury for the best emerging filmmaker from the Arab Film Festival in Toronto, and the grand prize within the activities of the Tampere Film Festival that qualifies for the Oscars, and a special mention from the festival Malmo for Arab Cinema in Sweden, Best Screenplay and Special Mention from the Wahka International Film Festival in Spain, Jury Prize from Busan International Short Film Festival in Korea, and Excellence Award for Best Female Filmmaker from the European Festival of Independent Films in France.

Clermont-Ferrand Festival

In his first international show, within the activities of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France, he won the award presented by the French channel Canal Plus Cinema.

The movie “The Six” is written and directed by Susana Mirghani, co-produced by her sister Iman, and co-starring Mihad Mortada, Rabha Muhammad, Muhammad Magdy, and Haram Bashir. from the Doha Film Institute, and a Production Design Grant from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.

Susanna Mirghani, a freelance writer, researcher and filmmaker, shines a light on stories in the Arab world through her work. Susanna has studied media and museology, and has written and edited numerous books and academic articles. Her multiplicity of cultures, and her Sudanese and Russian origins, prompted her to be interested in stories that study the complexity of identity. Her most recent film, The Six, and she had several successful short films before that.


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