Ali Zain reveals the reasons for Egypt’s loss from Denmark at the Olympics


Ali Zain, the national handball player, confirmed that his team sought to beat the Danish team during their match today in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but the lack of success at times and some mistakes were behind the defeat.

Today, Monday, the Egyptian team lost to its Danish counterpart 27/32 in its second match in the first group in the first round of the handball competition at the Tokyo Olympics, after the team began its career in the competition with a good and convincing victory over Portugal 37/31 yesterday, Saturday.

The Egyptian team will meet its Japanese counterpart in the third match of the group on Wednesday.

Zain said: “Of course, we wanted to win this match because it is a good match for any team against a big team like Denmark. And Egypt is also ranked, I think… The match was good and certainly it would have been better for us if we had won, but defeat is also possible.” “.

He pointed out that the lack of success and the commission of some mistakes contributed to the defeat against the Danish team, the world champion, against whom such mistakes should not be committed.

Zain said: “I think that we as players did what we had to in the match, and we will try to correct mistakes in the next match, in which we seek to beat Japan and qualify for the next round because the next match is the key to promotion.”

Zain explained that all the teams of the second group, one of which will meet the Egyptian team if it advances to the next round, is at the same good level.

Regarding the organization of the current Olympics, Zain said: “The organization is somewhat good, but there are some difficulties, as we as players have to walk relatively long distances in hot weather to reach the gym or the restaurant, but the playing and training halls are distinguished, although the training hall is also relatively far, but we As players, we can overcome some problems in order to achieve our goal.”


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