All you need to know about the “Hohos”: an Alexandrian who makes money by showing off her body


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Surprises revealed by the investigations, in the case of the “Hohos Object”, in which a girl is accused of broadcasting immoral videos on the “Tik Tok” platform, with the help of another person, as it turned out that he is not her husband, or even her ex-wife, but she has a relationship with him to publish immoral videos, with the intention of Get high views, and make financial profits from those videos on the Internet, and the following is the most prominent information about the “Hohos”, which was known in the media by this title.

Who are the Hohos?

– Her full name is Yasmine Abdel Razek Al-Fouly.

Jasmine calls herself “The Hohos”.

A resident of the Agami area in Alexandria.

– The Hohos has been divorced for over a month, and has two children with her own.

Yasmine divorced her husband because of her misbehavior.

– Yasmine Abdel Razek left her children to her ex-husband, and left her home.

– Then I went to make videos on the Tik Tok platform.

– A young man with whom she has a relationship participated in filming these videos to make video clips.

Lawyer Ashraf Farhat, founder of the campaign to purify the society, sent a report to the Attorney General, demanding the arrest of the Hohos and bringing it to an urgent trial.

– She accused the Hohos of inciting immorality and prostitution.

– The communication stated that the two were exposed to religious beliefs in a mockery, which violates Islamic law.

Yasmine broadcast videos mocking the people of Upper Egypt on the Tik Tok platform.

-After her arrest during the prosecution’s investigations, the Hohos object said that she only intended these videos to obtain material profit, denying the accusations against her of inciting immorality and immorality.

Yasmine closed her accounts on Tik Tok as soon as a complaint was submitted against her, and she left her residence.

It is reported that lawyer Ashraf Farhat filed a complaint last Saturday morning with the Public Prosecutor No. Penalties.

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