Amr Adham: FIFA saved Zamalek 75% of the total amount in the Pacheco case


Amr Adham, a member of the committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club, confirmed that Jaime Pacheco, the former technical director of the team, asked FIFA for one million and 700 thousand euros in the case he filed against Zamalek Club, and his assistants also requested 320,000 euros, which means that the total debt of Zamalek is estimated at 2 million euros, according to their contracts (equivalent to 2 million and 500 thousand dollars of the total indebtedness of Zamalek).

Adham added, in statements to the official website of Zamalek, that the amount was reduced to one million and 500 thousand euros, or 75% of the indebtedness (equivalent to $ 2 million as a reduction of the total indebtedness of the cases)..

The required amount became 450,000 euros only for Pacheco, of which 250,000 euros were in arrears, and 40,000 euros for each coach, or 80,000 euros for assistants..

The new committee, headed by Hussein Labib, took professional measures to preserve the club’s rights, and Amr Adham said, “I was assigned to respond to that complaint at the last moment before the decision was issued, and indeed a legal memorandum was submitted, and I communicated with FIFA officials, and what was stated in the Zamalek memorandum was taken into account, And this was confirmed by the decision to represent the club in that case, and Ahmed Ibrahim from the Football Department took over my assistance in that case..


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