An Arab high school exam.. a new decision from the Minister of Education


Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, refused to respond to the demands calling for him to re-exam Arabic For high school students 2021, the Scientific Division, after what was said about its leak at six in the morning yesterday, Saturday, on Telegram.

The Minister of Education said during his interaction with the followers of the official page of the Ministry of Education: There was no leakage of the Arabic language exam for high school students before the start of the exam, and everything that is leaked before the exams are distributed in the high school exam committees is “completely fraudulent” .. it turns out before you believe.

The Minister of Education responds to the leaked Arabic high school exam

The Minister of Education responds to the re-examination of a general secondary Arab exam

Dr. Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education, added: What happens in the high school exams 2021 is the circulation of some parts of the exam after its distribution as a kind of electronic cheating and not before distribution.

The Minister of Education explained that the ministry succeeded yesterday, within just 10 minutes, of arresting two students responsible for trading parts of the exam on cheat groups after distributing it in the committees.

The minister confirmed that only two students filmed the exam, out of more than 300,000 male and female students taking the exam, if there is anything that indicates that the “Ministry is in control” this year, because last year on the same day there were 12 cases of exam filming.

Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education, announced, through his official account on the social networking site Facebook, a statement detailing the penalties that were decided to be imposed on the cases of cheating that were monitored by the high school operations room in the committees of the high school exams 2021 yesterday, Saturday 10/7/2021. During the Arabic language exam for students of the scientific division.

The Minister of Education stressed that cheating in exams has been a great social phenomenon for many years, and the minister said, “Exams are not supposed to remain a state of war.”

He said: If we had no cheating, we would have allowed the tablet to be entered and opened and allowed to download all useful applications on it, but what prevented us from this is cheating, and therefore cheating deprives the diligent student of advantages that can be granted by the state.

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