An asteroid twice the size of Big Ben will enter Earth’s orbit next Saturday


NASA scientists confirmed that an asteroid twice the size of the famous Big Ben in London is expected to safely cross its closest path to Earth this weekend, and the calculation of the path of the space rock was signed by the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) in the space agency. And the observers confirmed that the asteroid named 2008 GO20 will achieve a “close approach” to Earth on the afternoon of July 24, however, the good news says that the asteroid does not pose any threat to our planet.

According to the Russia Today website, the asteroid, which may be up to 200 meters wide, will pass Earth’s orbit safely next Saturday, at an estimated speed of 8.18 kilometers per second, or about 18,299 miles per hour.

The asteroid belongs to the so-called “Apollo” group, and the “Apollo” asteroid is described as close to Earth and crosses its orbit similar to the orbit of the “Apollo 1862” asteroid, and it is the first asteroid discovered from the group of near-Earth asteroids (NEAs). Despite its proximity to the Earth, there is a very small chance that it will come into contact with the Earth’s surface.

The asteroid will pass almost unnoticed from a distance of more than 3.05 million miles (4.91 million km), more than 12 times the distance between Earth and the Moon.

It was listed on the US Space Agency’s Close Approaches website, where a team of NASA astronomers is currently tracking about 2,000 space rocks, comets and other objects that could pass close to our planet.


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