Apple drops this version in the iPhone series 2022


According to Nikkei, citing informed sources, the cheapest phone from Apple will support 5G technology in its next version, and the iPhone Mini will not be included in the 2022 lineup, and the report says that the company will start selling the 5G version of the budget iPhone SE in the first half of the year. 2022.

It also adds that the device will be powered by its own A15 processor and 5G connectivity will be enabled by Qualcomm Inc’s X60 modem chip, while telecom operators are spending billions of dollars to upgrade their networks to the very popular 5G to enable faster internet and better coverage.

However, analysts are skeptical about the uses of the technology for individual consumers and believe that there are years to come before one can reap the actual benefits. Meanwhile, demand for the iPhone Mini, the smaller version of Apple’s flagship device, has been muted compared to its larger models. As large and high-end as the iPhone 12 Pros and the older iPhone 11s, users prefer to power larger devices almost every day.

iPhone 12 Mini sales in the US accounted for just 5% of its total new phone sales during the first half of January, according to industry data provider Counterpoint.


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