Arbitration expert: The referee made a mistake in Aswan’s goal against Al-Ahly’s goal


Ahmed El-Shennawy, the refereeing expert, said that the referee made a mistake when he blew the whistle before the ball hit Ali Lotfi’s goal in Aswan’s goal.

Al-Shennawy added, during his solution to On Time Sport after the match: “As soon as the referee blew the whistle before the ball entered the goal, the (VAR) role was interrupted, and then the ball should have been calculated as a hand touch according to the referee’s decision when he whistled, and the referee had to complete the match. The ball and in the end use VAR, the goal is correct, but the referee made a mistake by blowing the whistle .. Yes, the ball touched the (chest) of the Aswan player and the goal is correct, but the referee whistled before the ball entered the goal.

And the arbitration expert continued, saying: “There was an intervention from Amr Al-Sulayya with the Aswan player who deserves the yellow card, and the cancellation of Aswan’s first goal was a correct decision.

El-Shennawy concluded his statements by saying: “In an electrifying shot, the ball initially touched his hand, including the hand of the Aswan player, so there is no hand touch on the Aswan player. And if the referee raises the flag, the offside flag is not blown by the main referee, so the game continues.”

Al-Ahly defeated Aswan 3-1 during the match that was held this evening, Thursday, as part of the postponed 17th round of the Egyptian WE League at Petro Sport Stadium, for more details.. Press here


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