Asma Sharif Mounir retracts the publication of a picture in revealing clothes: “My demon is overpowering me” | news


Anchor, Asma Sharif Mounir, announced her withdrawal from publishing any pictures of her in revealing clothes.

Asma Sharif Mounir explained through her Instagram account that she deleted a photo she had recently posted, after she felt that the devil had overcome her.

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Asma published a new picture and wrote, explaining: “I erased the last picture and said I’m going down, but because my demon hours will beat me like other humans.”

She added: “And for hours, I feel especially after I felt that I wanted to wear sweet clothes and my daughters like this, and I rejoice that I remained beautiful in appearance, but it is true that I am not arrogant.

Asma Sharif Mounir continued: “I will resist this feeling, focus on myself and in my clothes more, and try to clean clothes that are moderate and sweet in order to encourage myself and the girls who follow me that they wear sweet clothes at the same time, not open.”

She confirmed: “It is not a shame that one admits his mistake and all the time trying to be better, and thanks to the followers who caught my eye in a tasteful way.”

Asma Sharif Mounir concluded: “Every year, you are good, my beloved and my support. Our Lord rejoices all of our hearts and guides us with your love.”

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