Aziza Jalal connects the past with the present with a new album and single


The artist, Aziza Jalal, is preparing for intense artistic activity in the coming period, including the presentation of a solo work entitled “Marhabani”, from the poet’s high words, which will be an extension of the presentation of past lyrical works, to combine the past with the present, as it was in the seventies and eighties, when she documented her voice with her works, For her songs to be immortal in the Arab and Gulf songs.

General photo of Aziza Jalal

In light of her artistic activity, and to document her presence in the art scene, Aziza is working on releasing an upcoming Emirati album, which will include many lyrical works written and composed by a group of poets and composers.

Aziza Jalal had many Gulf lyrical works that became immortal, and she is considered one of the first Arab artists to document the Gulf song.

Aziza Jalal surprised her fans when it was announced that her concert would be revived at the second Winter Tantoura Festival in Al-Ula in late December 2019, to be the starting point after more than thirty years of absence, and the hashtag #Aziza_Jalal topped the Saudi trend. The moment she sang on the stage of Maraya Hall, and thus Aziza broke the barrier of absence in which she told the story and nights of people between the ancient past and the present, and despite the short period of time she spent in art before retiring, she seeks to be present among her fans and audience; In order to keep pace with the great cultural and artistic openness, including participating in artistic events in Saudi Arabia, and despite the development of musical modernity between the moment of her retirement in the mid-1980s until her return, the form of Arab and Gulf music differed and evolved, which is what Aziza seeks to keep pace with musical modernity and to appear in a different way in her works. coming.


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