Barcelona in a whirlpool .. The secret of Messi’s “Pharaonic” contract


Messi No longer on payroll BarcelonaAnd he has become a free player who can sign for free for the club he wants, but he is waiting for his former club, with whom he has nothing but a long history of achievements and records.

pharaonic contract

Spanish newspapers did not hesitate to publish details of the upcoming agreement between Messi and Barcelona managementAnd the latter sought to commit to providing the money necessary to complete the new contract.

The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” published a previous report on the details of the agreement, describing Messi’s contract as “Pharaonic”, in reference to the extravagance and luxury for which the temples and tombs of ancient Egyptian kings were famous.

The contract details included Lionel Messi He received 115 million euros for agreeing to renew the contract only, in addition to a loyalty bonus to Barcelona of 78 million euros.

Messi earns approximately 138 million euros annually in Barcelona since 2017, between fixed and variable, according to achievements, championships and goals.

devastating contract

left Corona pandemic Barcelona is mired in debts, as many Spanish newspapers have confirmed that it is close to one billion euros, which losses are likely to increase in the event of the continued absence of fans from the “Camp Nou” stadium, which can accommodate more than 99,000 fans.

In order for Barcelona to bring its Argentine star back to the club, it will have to destroy other contracts and give up some of its players to provide the cash needed to complete the contract of his legend.

Barcelona needs to reduce salaries in order to return Leo with his huge salary, which exceeds half a million euros per week, which represents a great challenge for the management of Joan Laporta.

Messi’s contract will also destroy the career of other stars in the team, and the Frenchman, Antoine Griezmann, is the most prominent of them, as he is the first candidate to leave due to his large salary and the possibility of selling him for a huge amount of money.

The Catalan club’s administration is seeking to provide Messi’s contract by selling Griezmann, and providing the French salary to give the captain the salary he satisfies, so that coach Ronald Koeman will rely on the Argentine and his compatriot Sergio Aguero and Osman Dembele in the Barcelona attack next season.

Lionel options

Messi tried to end his relationship with Barcelona before the start of the last season 2020-2021, using the salvation clause in the expired decade, but the club’s management refused and the player was subjected to public pressure that forced him to continue.

During the period of Messi’s request to leave Barcelona, ​​​​he received many offers, the most prominent of which was an offer from the “City Football Group” company, the owner of the English club Manchester City.

Messi received an offer that could not be refused to play in Manchester City before ending his career in the American League with New York City owned by the same group.

as shown Paris Saint-Germain The Frenchman has an unbridled desire to obtain Messi’s services, but the Argentine magician is still waiting for the Barcelona administration before re-talking with City or opening the door to Paris Saint-Germain offers.


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