Because of a scene .. the most famous harasser in Egypt reveals the details of his assault on an artist


The audience marvels at many scenes in Egyptian cinema, especially in scenes of rape or assault on artists.

The most famous of these films is “The Rapists,” starring Laila Elwi and Hamdi Al-Wazir.

In a television interview, the artist Hamdi Al-Wazir revealed his preparations for this scene, stressing that he is trained in filming these sensitive scenes.

He also said that before filming the scene of his rape of Laila Elwi, he requested that the studio be emptied of all workers.

He added, “I did not touch any actress during filming, and I am completely well trained not to hurt her feelings, unlike other actors, who film these scenes violently without intending to them, and because of their lack of experience.”

“The official harasser in cinematic roles,” this is how the artist Hamdi Al-Wazir was nicknamed, because of his embodiment of the harasser’s character in most of the films in which he participated, which limited him to this role due to his creativity and success in embodying this character.


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