Because of Al-Ahly, Basant Shawky provokes Muhammad Farraj… the latter describes her as crazy (video) | news


Bassant Shawky shared with her fans her suffering with Mohamed Farraj during his follow-up to the matches of his favorite team, Al-Ahly Club.

And Basant Shawky, through the short stories feature on her Instagram account, published videos of Muhammad Farraj watching the Al-Ahly and Military Production match in the Egyptian League Championship, which ended with the victory of the Red Team in the last minutes.

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Muhammad Farraj appeared in a state of nervousness and tension, and Basant Shawqi tried to provoke him, and told him that the Al-Ahly team was winning with the support of the referees, which angered him to respond and describe her as “crazy.”

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Farraj and Basant Shawky celebrated their marriage contract on June 11, and a large number of stars attended the ceremony, including Mona Zaki, Ahmed Helmy, Youssef El Sharif, his wife Engy Alaa, Tamer Habib, Asmaa Jalal, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Aser Yassin and his wife, Reham Abdel Ghafour, her husband, Hanan Mutawa, Hana Shiha and others from stars, See wedding photos صور

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