Because of Mona Zaki.. Ahmed El Sakka leads the trend


The name of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka a while ago topped the search indicators, after he promoted his latest movie, “The Spider”.

And the reason for his “Trend” ranking on the Google search engine was that the artist Mona Zaki was the one who participated in the tournament.

To meet again in the most recent meeting after more than 9 years.

And this is not the kind cooperation, as 5 works have brought them together before, and they are, Africano, about love and air, Mafia, Timur and Shafiqa, Sa’idi in the American community, to continue the duo’s journey with the movie “The Spider”.

In a related context, the sources confirmed that the artist Ahmed El Sakka contracted to star in the series “The Choice 3”, which is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan, after the success of the first and second parts during the past years.

It is worth noting that the artist Ahmed El-Sakka appeared in the 29th episode of “The Choice 1”, while he was talking with the terrorist Hisham Al-Ashmawy, who was presented by the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, before his execution, trying to convince him that he was on the wrong path, and that the religious concepts that he follows are completely wrong.

Also, the latest work of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka was the series “The Seeds of the Strangers”, which was shown last Ramadan, starring Amir Karara, Mai Omar, Mohamed Diab, Ferdous Abdel Hamid, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Menna Fadali, Reem Sami, Malak Zaher, and others. It is written and directed by Mohamed Sami.


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