Behind the scenes of the dressing room .. Abu Al-Dahab is close to retiring before the start of his career with Al-Ahly


The club’s locker room always witnesses many scenes, some of which are revealed, while many of them remain as secrets that no one knows anything about, and these scenes often have a major role in many important decisions that may affect the future of some players, because the club’s locker room Team clothing is the “kitchen” from which the first spark of important decisions and strong instructions emerges, and it also has a role in achieving victories and ascending to the podium, as well as having a role in receiving defeats and losing championships. Therefore, in the context of the following report, we will present the scenes of some of what is happening in the Egyptian football dressing rooms.

Mahmoud Abu Al-Dahab, the star of Al-Ahly and the former Egyptian national team, confirmed in televised statements that he faced the risk of being expunged from the records of the Football Association if he moved to Al-Ahly when he was a player in Al-Marikh Al-Portsaidi before moving to Al-Ahly.

Abu Al-Dahab revealed the scenes of his transfer from Al-Merreikh Al-Portsaidi to Al-Ahly, saying: “I received threats to write off, and the officials of the Football Association informed me that I forged my dispensation despite my possession of the contract under which I moved to Al-Ahly, and I informed them that I would retire from the ball if I did not move to Al-Ahly.”“.

And the former Al-Ahly and Egyptian national team defense star said: “A big problem occurred due to the departure of the president of Al-Marikh Club and the Minister of Youth and Sports at the time, Dr. Abdel Moneim Emara was known to belong to the Ismaili and told me that I would move to the Ismaili, otherwise I would be expunged from the records of the Football Association, but I stuck to playing for Al-Ahly“.

And he continued: “I went to the Football Association and Fawzi Ghanem told me that I was a forger, I was 22 years old and I was worried for fear of losing my dream, then I contacted Adly Al-Qai’i, the former contracting manager, and Hassan Hamdi, Al-Ahly’s president at the time, and the crisis ended and I moved to the Red Castle.


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