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The Egyptian audience loved her as well as the Lebanese, and she excelled in embodying the character of the delicate romantic girl, who achieved great success in various Arab countries through the character of “Thuraya” in Beirut’s Bride in its first and second parts, so it was a surprise to the viewers that Carmen Basibes appeared in a role full of movement and action. In Art, an interview with the Lebanese Carmen Bsaibes in her first role in Egyptian cinema as “Maya” in the movie “Al-Arif”. Here are her most prominent statements.

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– I am always looking for different roles and I was looking for a strong and different role to make my start in Egyptian cinema, which was achieved with the movie “Al Arif” and the character of Maya.

The elements of the film are integrated, the character is new, and the film is from a script by Mohamed Sayed Bashir, directed by Ahmed Alaa El-Deeb, starring a star like Ahmed Ezz, and produced by a large company like Synergy, which motivated me to participate in the work.

– I was pleased to cooperate with Ahmed Ezz, as he cares that the entire work is in its best form, as well as he is diligent and cares about all members of the work.

I embody the character of Maya, as she is a hacker, and it is an action role that I have not played before.

I only filmed in two countries, but the film is difficult because of the coordination of travel dates with more than one actor, and the film was shot in four countries.

– The most difficult scene for me is the scene of the quarrel between me and Ahmed Ezz, and I was excited about it, but I felt a sense of fear, as it is the first time that I present such scenes, and there is another scene, but I cannot talk about it now.

– I was training in the Syrian dialect, because I embody the character of a Syrian girl, not Lebanese. I was also training in action, so I had to be flexible, and the training took place in Bulgaria

– So far, I have not obtained the script for the third season of The Bride of Beirut, but I know that the character will develop greatly and I miss to embody the role of Soraya after a long period of absence.

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