Carton prefers between Al-Jaziri and Marwan Hamdi to lead the Zamalek attack in front of Mahalla


French coach Patrice Carteron, coach of the Zamalek team, chooses between Seif Al-Jaziri and Marwan Hamdi, the team’s strikers, to choose one of them to lead the Zamalek attack during the Ghazl El-Mahalla match scheduled for next August 3, in the matches of the 28th round of the league.

Carteron is following the technical and physical condition of the duo during the Burj Al Arab camp, which started yesterday, which will make his choice before the Al-Mahalla match, as Carteron is waiting to see the duo on the field after a long rest period to judge his choice, and Carteron wants Saif Al-Jaziri to continue to lead the Zamalek attack before the break. The long-running Zamalek club has gone through, while the assistant staff wants to give Marwan Hamdi an opportunity before the end of the season to judge his level before making a decision on his fate with the team next season.

On the other hand, the Zamalek administration has reservations about the conditions and requests of Pyramids to dispense with Nabil Imad Dunga, the star of our national team, which Zamalek wants to include strongly to compensate for the departure of Tunisian Ferjani Sassi from the team after the end of his contract and approaching playing in the Qatari league starting from the new season.

A source within the Zamalek club confirmed that Nabil Dunga is one of the most wanted people to support the white midfield, but the requests of Pyramids who want to get some players to complete the deal are rejected, especially with regard to obtaining the services of the duo Ahmed Fattouh and Mustafa Fathi, which Pyramids wants to include strongly.

Nabil Imad Dunga, whose name was associated with Zamalek in the past transfer seasons, and despite the desire of Zamalek to obtain the player’s services, the Pyramids administration refused to compromise his services at the time and stuck to the continuation of all the main players in order to compete for the league and confederation titles, at the present time Dunga entered into accounts The technical staff of the Zamalek team again to strengthen the center of the center, and it is expected that Zamalek will offer Pyramids an amount to buy the player, in addition to offering other players that Zamalek agrees to abandon them, away from Fattouh and Mustafa Fathi to complete the deal.


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