Celery Has Surprising Positive Effects For Health.. Nobody Told You About It


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Celery is a low-calorie vegetable, which many eat as a substitute for foods when following diets. It is included in some salads or side dishes as a “guest of honor” no more.

One piece of celery contains half the calories of any similar vegetable, while the same amount of carrots contains three times that amount.

Celery contains 95% water. The rest is fiber, sugar, and trace amounts of protein and fat.

It gives you a massive dose of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

It provides a powerful blend of antioxidants because it contains compounds such as caffeic acid, luteolin, ferulic acid, and others.

Celery is one of the main sources of luteolin and other flavonoids included in the American diet. They help calm inflammation, lower harmful fats in the blood, and lower blood sugar, in addition to many other potential health benefits.

– Fights cancer

Contributes to the promotion of digestive health

Promotes the fight against hyperlipidemia, in addition to being a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

It is worth noting that drinking celery juice will provide a more concentrated source of getting all the benefits of celery together.

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