China imposes counter-sanctions on Americans, including a former minister


China announced Friday that it has imposed counter-sanctions on American individuals, including former Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, in response to US sanctions To Chinese officials at the Beijing Liaison Office in Hong Kong.

China has also imposed sanctions on current or former chairmen of a number of bodies, including the Congressional Executive Committee for China, the US-China Security and Economic Review Committee, the Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the International Republican Institute, Human Rights Watch, and the Washington-based Democratic Council of Hong Kong. , according to Reuters.

It is noteworthy that these sanctions are the first imposed by China in implementation of a new law in response to foreign sanctions issued in June.

It also comes days before a visit to China scheduled by the US Deputy Secretary of State Will be Sherman Amid escalating tension in relations between the two countries.

7 Chinese

Last Friday, the United States imposed sanctions on 7 Chinese in connection with Beijing’s crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong, in the latest step taken by Washington to hold Beijing accountable for what it describes as a decline in the rule of law in the former British colony.

In a separate business directive issued by the administration of US President Joe Biden, the US government’s concerns about the impact of Hong Kong’s national security law on the work of international companies were highlighted.

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