Colors of the homeland | Destiny says its word .. “Tariq” finds a girl and returns her to her family: her mother does not know anything


The clock strikes seven in the morning, she sits alone, no one will be able to see her, perhaps because it is early, or she is as small as “the fingertip.” A young man looks at her with an eye of mercy, and approaches her to extend his hand to her, and holds her on his shoulders, to calm the child in his arms.

Tariq Mustafa, who works in the field of trade, was surprised, while walking in the street with his wife in Al-Tamihi Square in the city of Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate, with a little girl of the age of Al-Zohour, who was lying on her back and under her a “blanket”, and she did not know who threw her here, looking for the arms of her mother and father, The house that had been sheltering her, still unaware of what had happened, crying heartily and not moving.

The girl’s clean appearance, her new clothes and her good smell, confirmed Tariq’s suspicions that there was a secret behind her presence in this way, perhaps it was a kidnapping, or she got lost or her family abandoned her, he tells Al-Watan: “I was leaving the house with my wife in the morning, I met her, took her home with me, and went to the first section of Mansoura, made a report immediately, and the girl was frightened and terrified, shivering and holding me and my daughter.”

The child remained with the family for two days, until Umniah Tariq, his daughter, posted on various social media sites, to be able to reach her family and return to their arms, according to “Umniah”: “When I published many publications with her pictures, I was surprised by a very large interaction, and I met very many people. A model called me to adopt her, but in the midst of the messages, the girl’s neighbor appeared, and she told me that her mother had no access to social media and did not know anything.”

Returning to her family

Tariq’s family contacted the neighbor, and it turned out that the girl’s father and mother had been separated for a while, and that she was with her father and he kept her away for a few minutes and did not find her, so they asked them to come to the police station to take the girl and prove that she is their daughter: The police station and received the girl, her mother, when she first saw her, slandered her and preferred to hug her.”

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