Colors of the homeland | Immigrants wanted.. a Spanish city offers free jobs and housing for those who move to it


“Immigrants Wanted” is a very tempting offer made by a Spanish town to everyone, as it is looking for new residents because it is facing a severe shortage of population.

Gregos, a small town in northeastern Spain, has announced its need for new residents in exchange for jobs and free housing, as the number of citizens has dwindled in recent years, with only 132 residents remaining.

The city offers three homes for rent, along with two jobs in the city, while the town hall also offers three other jobs, ranging from working in the local restaurant to working remotely at home.

“We are offering to work in the kitchen and restaurant, for you and your partner in the Paladar de Aragon in La Muela de San Juan, or you can manage the Griegos hotel in the square, and if you are one of those who work from home, you can work from After and benefiting from our joint work.”

The town has set one condition for those who want to migrate to it, which is:

For the immigrants to be a family with children, it is hoped the new residents will help save the local school, which has only nine students, with plans for a second semester.

The first three months of rent will be free, after which the rent rises to 225 euros per month, although you get a 50 euro discount per child, so with two children you’ll pay 125 euros per month for your home.

So far, the town has received more than 3,000 applications, and due to heavy pressure, applicants are now asked to send a video message explaining why they chose the town.

Mayor Salvador Gil has also asked officials for 150,000 euros to modernize the town’s inn and make it more attractive, and he hopes to eventually expand his own scheme.

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