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Many people think that vaccination against Covid-19 prevents a person from contracting it, which is completely wrong, as what prevents vaccination is the serious symptoms and not the virus itself.

The answer comes from Singapore, where it turns out that 75 percent of new cases of the virus during the past four weeks occurred among the group that received the vaccination earlier.

In details, 1,096 local infections were recorded in the last twenty-eight days, including 484 people, or 44 percent, who received two doses of the vaccine, 30 percent of whom received one dose of vaccination, and 25 percent who were not vaccinated.

It is a coincidence that the figure of 75% is also repeated in the number of vaccinated people in the country, of whom 50% have received a full vaccination (the country uses two-dose vaccines), as Singapore has the second highest vaccination rate in the world after the UAE, according to Reuters.

However, the difference lies in the seriousness of the infection or not. The occurrence of cases of infection in this number used to mean the transfer of many people to the hospital and even deaths. However, with vaccination, there is no case that received the full vaccination and was transferred to the hospital after being infected.

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The Ministry of Health said that only seven cases needed oxygen, six of whom did not receive any vaccine and one case only received one dose of vaccination. The ministry indicated that “there is continuous evidence that vaccination helps prevent serious symptoms when a person becomes infected,” adding that all of the completely vaccinated patients showed mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Experts confirm that the infection of those who received the vaccines does not mean that they are ineffective. The spread of corona among vaccinators remains a very normal thing in Singapore, because they represent the majority of the population. But on the other hand, it appears that there has been a slight increase in the number of infections in recent days, a development that has not occurred since August 2020, and there are those who link it to an outbreak of the disease that broke out in one of the ports.

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