Corona’s secrets do not end .. you may be infected with two strains at the same time!


The “enemy of humanity” is still launching its attack on the whole world, having so far infected 188,626,836 people and led to 4,066,041 deaths, leaving dozens of questions unanswered to this day.

While the journey continues to search for mysteries and secrets Novel virus That never ends, an expert at the Russian Central Institute for Epidemiological Research, Natalia Pechenichnaya, revealed the possibility of cases of infection with two strains of corona simultaneously.

Weak immune system and the elderly

The deputy director of clinical and analytical work at the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology said, “Such cases are mostly observed in people with weakened immune systems and the elderly.” This disease can be more severe, and often long-term, according to Russian news agencies.

This happens because the immune system is not able to quickly get rid of the first strain that caused the infection, and upon contact with another infected strain, it reenters the body, Şenichnaya explained.



Necessity of vaccination

To that, she added, “The disease caused by two strains of viruses simultaneously in people with weak immunity is dangerous because as a result of the persistence of different strains in the human body for long periods, genetic recombination (the exchange of genetic material between strains) can occur, which may contribute In more variance in the virus andNew species appear“.



She stressed the need to take the vaccination as soon as possible “so that the virus does not develop in the population and mutate.”

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