Cote d’Ivoire snatches a point from Brazil in the Tokyo Olympics


the balance Brazil national team With Cote d’Ivoire without goals, in the match that brought them together this morning, in the second round of Group D at the Tokyo Olympics.

The first half witnessed a strong performance by the samba and the elephants, but Ali Al-Jami was ineffective with serious attacks.

The two teams adhered to the relatively defensive ban and did not rush offensively, especially since both of them have 3 points and do not want to lose this match.

Brazil completed the first half with 10 players, after Douglas Luiz was sent off in the 14th minute, after blocking the Côte d’Ivoire striker while he was heading to the samba goal.

The second half did not result in anything new with regard to the two teams, as neither of them presented the necessary attacking danger to score goals.

The most famous referee of the match, the red card in the face of Eboue Kwasi in the 80th minute, for the elephants to complete the match with 10 players.

In the 82nd minute, the most dangerous ball for Brazil was against Cote d’Ivoire’s goal, as Koladinho shot a missile passing next to the elephants’ leg.

Brazil’s Arana also fired a powerful shot at Cote d’Ivoire’s goal in the 86th minute, but the elephants goalkeeper brilliantly blocked it.

With this result, the Brazilian team raises its score to 4 points at the top of the standings table, Group D, and comes behind it Côte d’Ivoire, runners-up, by goal difference, then Saudi Arabia third and Germany fourth, respectively.

The Saudi national team is scheduled to face its German counterpart, at 1:30 pm, on Sunday.


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