Dead and wounded in an attack on a sports club in Sudan, and Human Rights Watch talks about allegations of torture inside Saudi prisons


The Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation announced an increase in the number of daily flights between Egypt and the Emirates, in an attempt to solve the problem of Egyptians stranded in the Emirates

The problem was caused by the decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to suspend direct flights between it and 3 countries about a week ago, including the UAE, in light of the Corona crisis.

The Egyptian travelers to Saudi Arabia were heading to the Emirates as a stop, after the Kingdom, earlier, suspended air traffic with Egypt and required strict quarantine procedures for Egyptian arrivals from a third country.

Last February, Saudi Arabia temporarily banned entry to its territory for those coming from 20 countries, including Egypt, and then reduced the number of those countries to only 9 last May, but Egypt remained among them.

According to the instructions of the Egyptian Ministry of Aviation, flights between Egypt and the UAE have increased in light of this crisis by seven flights per day instead of four in the past, to facilitate the process of returning these stranded people.

The number of Egyptians residing in Saudi Arabia is estimated at nearly 3 million.

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