Development of a satellite with a solar sail to analyze mysterious interstellar objects


A recent study has now revealed that a small satellite equipped with solar sails can be built in a short time to capture and monitor mysterious objects passing through the Earth or the solar system, and the research indicates that the moon is a combination of a cube satellite and an optical sail, both of which are technologies already used for space exploration. , and this moon could easily meet an interstellar body in the future (ISO).

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the researchers wrote in the abstract of the study: “Current technological work indicates that such a mission could fly and reach an interstellar object (ISO) moves through the solar system during this decade.”

It may also allow such a task the first meeting with ISO To allow imaging, spectroscopy, and volume and mass measurements, and potentially yield unique information about the object’s origin and composition, the researchers believe this type of task could happen within the current decade.

The researchers added that if the mission is for five years, the light sailing cube satellite can capture and study ISO , while a ten-year mission could return a sample, a solar sail could be able to manage heat, and if it was coated with aluminum with a kapton, it could withstand the sun’s heat.

The benefits of such a spacecraft will not only allow astronomers to study ISOs Better and perhaps even know their origin, but they can also be used to defend planets and learn more about the solar system.


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