Dia Al-Sayed: Facing Al-Ahly is difficult, but there is nothing far from our Lord


Diaa El-Sayed, technical director of the first football team at Ceramica Club, said that the Al-Ahly match, scheduled for next August 5, in the 23rd round of the Egyptian league competition, is difficult, explaining that he will do his best to get a positive result.

Al-Sayed added, in statements to “The Seventh Day”: “We will do what we do before Al-Ahly and the rest is on our Lord, and our goal is to get a positive result against the red genie, and we are working in the current period to study the competitor well, and we have enough time for that.”

The technical staff of the first football team in Ceramica Club decided to play 3 friendly matches, in preparation for facing Al-Ahly, as Al-Sayed said that during the coming period they will play a number of friendly matches against Al-Ahly Bank on the 14th of this month, then facing the youth of the Ceramica team on the 15th of the same month And then facing Aswan on the 16th.

The technical director of Ceramica confirmed that he asked the players to focus during the coming period and improve the results to compete for the golden square, noting that today Friday is a break from training, and then training will resume on Saturday and Sunday.

The technical staff of Ceramica Club, led by Diaa El-Sayed, put the strengthening of defensive positions at the top of his priorities in the club’s potential deals in the new season after the confused performance of the defense line this season, especially in the second round, which cost the team losing many points.

Dia Al-Sayed demanded the club management that Ceramica needs reinforcements at the level of the defense line, explaining that the centers that play in the back are always exposed to injuries and absences due to suspension, which calls for a player and his substitute at the same level in each of the defense centers.


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