Egypt bids farewell to the Tokyo Olympics after defeating Brazil with a clean goal… Photos and video


  • 11:53

    you’re done

  • 11:51

    Passes between the Brazilian players to drain the remaining minutes of the match.

  • 11:50

    3 minutes of injury time in the second half

  • 11:47

    Consecutive attacks for the Egyptian team in the last minutes in an attempt to equalize.

  • 11:46

    A powerful, creeping shot from Salah Mohsen, but the Brazil goalkeeper masterfully manages to control the ball.

  • 11:44

    The exit of Taher and Ammar Hamdi and the descent of Nasser Maher and Nasser Mansi in an attempt by the Egyptian coach Shawky Gharib to activate the attack.

  • 11:40

    Quietness in the rhythm of the match during the current minutes, with the play being confined to the middle of the field without any danger to the two goals.

  • 11:38

    Successive passes between the feet of the Brazilian players in the middle of the field.

  • 11:36

    A mistake in favor of Brazil in the midfield.

  • 11:34

    Acquisition… Brazil 62% – 38% Egypt.

  • 11:32

    Attempts by the Egyptian national team players to score the equalizer, but without a threat to Brazil’s goal.

  • 11:29

    A shot by Salah Mohsen was easily blocked by the Brazil goalkeeper.

  • 11:26

    A missed goal for Brazil… A complete solo by Paulo Sergio El Shennawy, but the latter succeeds in clearing the ball

  • 11:23

    A corner for Egypt plays a cross inside the Brazil area, which Hegazy meets with a header, but over the crossbar.

  • 11:21

    The exit of Ahmed Rayan and Karim Al-Iraqi and the descent of Imam Ashour and Salah Mohsen

  • 11:20

    ⏱️: The first quarter of an hour has passed since the second half, and the result is still Brazil leading with a clean goal.

  • 11:17

    Almost complete control of the Brazilian team over the course of the game.

  • 11:16

    A mistake in favor of Ahmed Yasser Rayan in the middle of the Egyptian national team stadium

  • 11:15

    A dangerous attack by Brazil from the north, but El-Shennawy intervened at the right time and took the ball to a corner.

  • 11:13

    Passes between the Egyptian national team players in the middle of the field, but it ends in a goal kick due to inaccuracy.

  • 11:11

    Throw-in for the Egyptian team to the right of the Brazilian penalty area.

  • 11:09

    The corner is taken directly into the Egyptian penalty area and the referee awards a foul in Egypt’s favour.

  • 11:07

    A missed goal for the Brazilian national team.

    Matthews was completely alone in being in the Egyptian goal, during which he tried to deceive the ball from the top of El-Shennawy, but the latter managed to brilliantly tackle and take the ball away to a corner kick.

  • 11:04

    beginning of the second half

  • 10:48


  • 10:47

    3 minutes added time

  • 10:46

    Douglas Luiz performs a free kick with a dangerous shot that passed very close to El-Shennawy’s goal.

  • 10:44

    Yellow card for Akram Tawfik after he blocked Richarlison.

  • 10:43

    Brazil players celebrate their goal in Egypt

  • 10:41

    Attempts by Egyptian players to return quickly and equalize before the end of the first half.

  • 10:39

    The goal came from a run on the left front of Richarlison, who finished it with a cross pass to the edge of the penalty area, where Matthews Cunha managed to tame it and then fired a powerful ground shot into the far right corner of the goal.

  • 10:37

    Gooooooool first for Brazil

  • 10:35

    Attempts by the Brazilian team players to create loopholes in the organized defense of the Egyptian team.

  • 10:32

    Ramadan Sobhi penetrates into the penalty area of ​​​​Brazil and tries to dribble, but the defense succeeds in extracting the ball.

  • 10:30

    30 minutes played and the result is still a goalless draw between the two teams.

  • 10:28

    El-Shennawy shines and prevents the first goal after a powerful shot from inside the area, turning it into a corner.

  • 10:25

    A commitment and caution from Egypt players to try to close the spaces in front of the Brazilian team.

  • 10:23

    El-Shennawy stands up, play is resumed, and successive passes are made between the feet of the Egyptian team players in the middle of the field.

  • 10:21

    Egypt goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy was injured and the game stopped.

  • 10:20

    Acquisition… Brazil 68% – 32% Egypt.

  • 10:18

    A powerful shot from Anthony, the Brazilian national team player, passes over the crossbar of El-Shennawy’s goal.

  • 10:15

    The attempt was made by Ahmed Fattouh from the left front, sending a cross into the penalty area, which the Brazilian defense dealt with confusion, to hit Akram Tawfiq’s head and pass close to the left post of the goal.

  • 10:15

    A dangerous offensive attempt by the Egyptian team

  • 10:13

    A mistake in favor of Egypt in the middle of the field in favor of Ammar Hamdi.

  • 10:12

    Executed with a strong cross into the penalty area, the defense dispersed to the middle of the field.

  • 10:11

    A first kick for the Brazilian team to the right of Egypt’s goal.

  • 10:08

    Successive passes between the feet of the Brazilian players in the middle of the field.

  • 10:07

    A cautious start from the Egyptian team players in the first minutes of the match.

  • 10:04

    Throw-in for Egypt to the left of the Brazil penalty area.

  • 10:01

    The start of the first half.

  • 10:00

    It is noteworthy that the team that will qualify for the semi-finals will face Mexico or South Korea.

  • 09:59

    Brazil formation

  • 09:58

    And on the bench for the Egyptian national team: Mahmoud Gad – Ahmed Ramadan “Beckham” – Salah Mohsen – Nasser Maher – Ibrahim Adel – Imam Ashour – Nasser Mansi.

  • 09:56

    Egypt national team formation

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