Egypt Group .. Australia overthrows Argentina and ignites the competition in the Tokyo Olympics “video”


The Argentine Olympic team blew up, a heavy-caliber surprise, by losing its opening match with two goals against its Australian counterpart, at the “Sapporo Dome” in the first round of Group C football matches, in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics..

Australias Lachlan Wells scored the first goal early in the 14th minute of the first half, after he took advantage of a cross to put it in the net. Then his colleague Marco Tellio added the second goal in the 80th minute of the confrontation.

The Argentine national team completed the match with only ten players, after Francisco Ortega was sent off in the second minute of the time, instead of the 92nd lost, after obtaining two warnings.

Australia ignited the third group, as it topped the group with 3 points, surpassing Egypt and Spain in the second and third places with a point each, while Argentina is at the bottom of the standings without points.

And the referee, Srdjan Jovanovic, showed a red card and 10 yellow cards, as Australian players Mitchell Duke got 32, Riley McGarry. 45+3, Nathaniel Atkinson 48Conor Metcalfe 50, Dennis Genero 56, Harry Sutter 86 on yellow cards.

Argentina national team player Francisco Ortega 45+3Adolfo Gaish 36, Facundo Medina 76, Eziko Yuansi 85 on yellow cards.

Meanwhile, a negative tie settled the opening match of Group C between Egypt and Spain, to win each of them their first point in the group stage..

And the Australian team achieved a surprise in snatching the first victory on its way to reach the farthest extent, as its coach confirmed, that his country will amaze the world, and his most prominent player is Daniel Arzani, the Manchester City player..

The Egyptian team will clash with its Argentine counterpart in the second round competitions, on Sunday, July 25, at 9:30 am, and the Olympic team will conclude the third group competitions against Australia, on Wednesday, July 28, at 1 pm..

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