Egyptian Health: The “Delta Plus” mutator targets children and the fourth wave in September – Covid-19


The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that the fourth wave of the Corona virus will start in the country in late September or early next October, noting that the groups most vulnerable to infection with the Delta Plus mutation are children.

Responsible sources with the Scientific Committee to Combat the Corona Virus at the Egyptian Ministry of Health revealed their expectations for the “Delta Plus” mutant to enter Egypt, stressing that the committee is working to update the treatment protocol for people infected with the Coronavirus during the coming period, to be in line with the virus mutator, noting that no drugs were deleted from the The treatment protocol, but immunostimulating drugs are being added, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

The sources added that the “Delta Plus” mutant is faster in spreading, and the groups most vulnerable to infection are children, unlike the virus itself, as well as other mutagens that were targeting the age group above 18 years, adding that vaccinations are a key factor to confront any expected wave or any mutants of the virus.

The sources indicated that if 20% of the citizens are vaccinated, the death rates in the fourth wave will decrease by up to 88%, as the Corona vaccine reduces the severity of symptoms and makes them simple or medium and not dangerous or very dangerous.


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