Exceptionally, Facebook allows the posting of a statement against Khamenei


For a period not exceeding two weeks, and in conjunction with The protests in IranFacebook confirmed that it will allow users to post the phrase “Death to Khamenei,” in addition to uploading videos of people chanting that phrase, for a limited time, according to what was reported by Vice.

In details, the blue site announced that it will make this available to its users exceptionally, andFor a period not exceeding two weeksIn conjunction with the protests in Iran, especially in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, which came out angry because of the continuous water cut.

The podium has fallen

While Facebook’s move came after activists uploaded them to the “Instagram” platform, and the application deleted them, which raised their complaints and prompted them to clarify the truth of what is happening in Iran to those in charge of the platform.

Facebook responded to the activists’ complaints, saying that the phrase “Death to Khamenei” violates its standards and incites violence.

Until the “Motherboard” service of the “Vice” site quoted a Facebook spokesperson as saying that the company is aware that the phrase “Death to Khamenei” is used to criticize and protest against the government, and is not a violent threat, stressing that the posts that were initially deleted were returned.

Demonstrations have expanded and the Revolutionary Guard is on the move

It is noteworthy that the Iranian authorities had sent thousands of reinforcements to suppress the protests, including members of the security forces and special units, but the demonstrations expanded and included other cities adjacent to Ahvas.

Demonstrators in Alikudars in Lorestan province also organized a march to express their support for the demonstrators in Ahvas, while the security forces arrested dozens of demonstrators, especially after the intervention of the Revolutionary Guards.

According to the information, the demonstrators invaded 10 cities adjacent to Ahvas, while activists confirmed that the security reinforcements did not break the intensity of anger and did not deter the protesters from returning.

Ahvas, overlooking the Gulf, is one of the most prominent oil-producing regions in Iran and one of the 31 richest provinces in Iran, and it is one of the regions inhabited by a large minority of Arabs.

The residents of the governorate have also previously complained of being marginalized by the authorities, and in 2019 anti-government protests also took place in other parts of the country.

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