FDA approves new pneumonia vaccine against severe strains


US regulators have approved a new pneumonia vaccine, more than a month after approving an improved version of Pfizer’s competition, according to a website.Medical Xpress“.

Both new shots provide better protection against bacteria that can cause Pneumonia Meningitis and blood infections, as well as various ear and sinus infections.

The producing company said that the US Food and Drug Administration “FDAShe agreed to her vaccine, which is calledVaxneuvance For people aged 18 and over.

According to the website, Medical XpressIt protects against 15 of about 100 strains of pneumococci, including those responsible for severe disease, but the company did not reveal the price of its shot or when it will be released..

The site said, that the new Pfizer vaccine, “Prevnar 20”, was approved on June 8 for adults, its price is $ 232, but Pfizer made it clear that it is possible that insured patients will be vaccinated for free or at low cost..

Approval of a vaccine for pneumonia
Approval of a vaccine for pneumonia

The site added, that a committee of vaccine experts from the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention is scheduled toCDC“, including reviewing the two vaccines in October and recommending who should receive them.

The new Pfizer vaccine protects against 7 strains more than the decade-old Prevnar 13, the world’s longest-lucrative vaccine with annual revenue of nearly $6 billion. In one large study, the new vaccine was 75% effective. Against the most dangerous diseases.

The company said that tests showed that its new vaccine works in addition to “Prevnar 13”, against the strains that both vaccines are resistant to, but it is more effective against one strain..

The company is testing the vaccine on children and infants and plans to seek approval for those age groups, while at the same time, it will continue to sell a vaccinePneumovax 23, which protects against 23 strains and is approved for children, uses ancient technology that does not cause a strong or long-lasting immune response like the two newly approved shots..


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