FIFA extends the tripartite committee until January 5 officially


The International Football Association Board decided FIFA Today, on July 30, 2021, the extension of the tripartite committee in charge of managing the affairs of the Egyptian Football Association until January 5, 2022, to complete the tasks assigned to it.

The work of the Tripartite Committee was scheduled to end today, July 30, based on FIFA’s decision, before the extension decision was issued.

In a different context, Al-Ahly club received an official letter from the Football Association stating that the Premier League and Egypt Cup matches had been postponed, starting from Monday’s matches, corresponding to 2/8/2021, and the Football Association confirmed in its official letter that it would later set the new match schedule as soon as possible and inform club to.

The Egyptian Football Association had decided to postpone all matches in the Premier League and the Egypt Cup, starting from the first of next August, and assigning the Federation’s Competitions Department to prepare a new schedule for the remaining matches in the Premier League and the Egypt Cup, to be announced next Sunday..

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