FilGoal | News | Gharib: For these reasons, he is happy with the point against Spain, and he improved a lot in the second half


Shawky Gharib, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, believes that his team improved a lot in the second half against Spain, and the point was fair to them.

Egypt tied with Spain without goals, in the first round matches of Group C of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (See details)

“We haven’t played matches for a long time and I was afraid of this,” Shawky Gharib told BN Sports after the match.

He explained, “The first match of the big trio with the team, and the first match for these players in the tournament. All this makes me happy with the result.”

Gharib followed, “We improved a lot in the second half and were better offensively. In the first half we lost a lot of balls because of the wrong passing, but we improved in the second half.”

And he continued, “In the end, we were facing the European champions, and a team with a lot of first-team players in it. So the point in front of them is good.”

The Egypt coach concluded, “We will watch the Argentina-Australia match, and then start thinking about the next match against them.”

Egypt will meet Argentina in the second round next Sunday, while Spain will play Australia on the same day.


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