FilGoal | News | Koshary for Fil Joule: No one likes to lose, and I want to prove my presence in front of Al-Ahly


Ahmed Abdel Moneim “Koshari”, the technical director of Military Production, refused to accuse the team members of missing out on their previous clubs, before facing Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly is preparing to meet El Entag El Harby tomorrow, Sunday, at 7:00 pm, in a postponed meeting of the 24th round of the Egyptian League.

Koshary told FilGoal.comOf course, Al-Ahly players in Tokyo, their absence affects the team, but Al-Ahly has a cache of players who need the opportunity. The quality of the team’s players is very good and different from any other player in the league, and absences will not weaken Al-Ahly like other clubs.

And he added, “In the absence of a player, Al-Ahly has a basic strength that maintains it. The entire defense is present, as well as the midfield led by Mohamed Magdy Afsha, who is the best player in Egypt in my view, and in front of Mohamed Sharif, the league’s top scorer. Despite his absence, Al-Ahly is still the strongest team in the league.” .

And he talked about the accusations of the club’s sons of missing out on their previous clubs? “He is not in the ball, and no one likes to lose, no one wants to lose against his team, on the contrary, I want to prove my presence and tell them that I am a competent coach and make them think of me.”

He added, “My team’s gain is the honor of a profession, and we have not seen this matter in the whole world. In Egypt, we like to exaggerate things, and this is not true.”

He asked, “Does Al-Ahly need someone to miss a match? Al-Ahly has won trophies since ancient times, which is ineffective. There is a certain group that tries to pressure the coach or fake the victory of big clubs in matches.”

He continued, “I respect Al-Ahly’s fans and my name, which I played in Al-Ahly, but I will face the team tomorrow in search of the 3 points, and if not, I will look for a tie. We need that match more than Al-Ahly, even if they compete for the league.”

He added, “Al-Ahly has the opportunity, while we have few chances, and we must hold on to the opportunity at any opportunity, because our circumstances are more difficult than those of Al-Ahly.”

He continued, “I have many absences that I suffer from, Mohamed Talaat, Mohamed Afifi and Abdel Fattah Taha. The absences certainly affect the team, especially as we cling to any opportunity that keeps us in the Premier League.”

And complete an advice to the production players before tomorrow’s meetingHe said: “It is a match like any other game. We must be calm and patient and not give Al-Ahly gifts because they are good at exploiting the opponent’s mistakes. If we did not make mistakes, I am sure that we will play a great match.”

Al-Ahly is in second place in the Egyptian league standings with 52 points, and production comes in last place with 19 points.


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