FilGoal | News | Marouf Youssef’s agent: I hope to reach a solution with Zamalek… and we got a ruling of 8 million pounds


Osama Farhat, the business agent of Maarouf Youssef, the Zamalek player, revealed that he did not reach a solution with the club’s management after obtaining the ruling to fine Al-Abyad.

And the Nigerian agent told On Time Sports 1: “Maarouf received a ruling of 8 million pounds.”

He added, “My belief is that Zamalek is ready to pay 100,000 dollars to appeal and postpone the resolution of the case, and no one spoke to us to negotiate after the fine was announced.”

And he concluded, “I hope that we will reach a solution. The previous temporary committee is the reason why Maarouf Youssef filed a complaint against Zamalek after giving him more than one appointment without fulfilling it.”

Amr Adham, a member of the Zamalek club’s board of directors, had previously said: “We contracted with him and we did not abide by it, and he demanded his right. The player and his agent have the desire to settle.”

He continued, “The complaint was submitted at 10.5 million pounds, and the previous administration contacted him for an amicable solution and settlement.”

Maarouf Youssef, 28, has participated in 24 league matches this season in the Al-Ahly Bank shirt.

Maarouf joined Zamalek from the Police Union in 2014, and was seconded to the Iraqi police and the Arab Contractors in the last two seasons before leaving.


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