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Barcelona legend Lionel Messi returned to Catalonia on Wednesday in preparation for the renewal of his expected contract with the club.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona expired at the end of last season, but all expectations indicate a renewal of the contract.

Messi avoided responding to questions about his contract with Barcelona and only signed for fans at the airport.

Among those waiting for Messi at the airport were some security personnel at FC Barcelona.

A few days ago, Juan Laporta said during the conference to present the Dutch player Memphis Diaby: “In time, you will know the news that we are all waiting for, and now I cannot go into the details of the negotiations with Messi, I can only say that she is progressing well, Leo is on vacation and he has a team here. He works on concluding the contract.

He added, “Messi has always said that he wants to continue, and we are progressing in the negotiations, we want him to stay here for many years, Matteo Alemani is working very well for that.”

According to the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, Barcelona and Lionel Messi have reached a preliminary agreement to renew the Argentine’s contract with a contract that extends for 5 seasons.

The report added that Messi believes that he has the strength and energy to continue wearing the Barcelona shirt at the highest levels for 5 seasons, which the club shares.

The report added that Messi is planning to participate in the new club project, which is planned 3 years from now, and taking the last risk in committing to the Barcelona shirt.

The report indicated that “Messi agreed to reduce his current salary by 50% due to the financial problems that the club is going through and the complicated situation.”

The report stressed that money was not an issue in the negotiations, but taxes.

The report continued that it was rare for things to go wrong, and that it was time for the parties’ lawyers to finalize contracts.

The report concluded that the release clause in Messi’s contract will be 350 million euros.

Messi ended his contract with Barcelona on June 30, and he is entitled to sign for any club for free, but it seems that he decided to continue with the Blaugrana shirt.


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