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Al-Ahly – Kaizer Chiefs – 2021 Africa Final – Musimani

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Mosimane revealed his promise to the fans of the red team to win the African Championship for the tenth time.

Al-Ahly won the African Champions League for the 2020/2021 season after defeating the South African Kaizer Chiefs in the final with three goals without a response, to win the tenth title in its history.

“While I was in Qatar during the African Super Championship, I promised the fans to achieve the tenth championship and demanded the players to do so in order to create new motives for them,” Musimani said on Al-Nahar channel.

“I must be a source of positive energy for the team, the players and the fans. I believe in our ability to win the World Cup, even if it is impossible,” he added.

And he continued, “When we played against the best team in the world during the Club World Cup, everyone thought that we were better than any other team, and it was natural that we lost against Simba until we wake up from this general situation that surrounded the team. In football, sometimes you need to fall to the bottom until you reach it.” for the summit”.

hardest match

He revealed, “The most difficult confrontation that Al-Ahly played in the African Championship was against Simba of Tanzania. This team played against him is very stressful and plays in an organized manner and you cannot develop an appropriate plan to play against him. Also, the Sundowns match was difficult and also the Sudanese Mars meeting.”

He pointed out, “The most difficult thing facing any coach is the randomness of the opponent, and this tells us in a lot of matches.”

Mosimane explained, “I was playing in the center of the defense and was watching the players movements to prevent them from penetrating the defense, so I ask the attacking quadrant to move continuously and switch positions between them to distract the opponents defenders. I always say to Muhammad Sharif if you find the defense watching you well, go back to play in the middle of the field and then we will find loopholes in the defense of competitors.

“I like to play in possession of the ball, I receive ideas from everyone, and in the end I extract my own way and call it the soft way. I tested my method against many teams, during the Club World Cup, against Zamalek and Bayern Munich.”

Then he continued, “If you don’t do anything, people will talk about you doing nothing and I’m trying to turn negative criticism into positive.”

He continued his statements, “I hear everyone and do not feel upset and sometimes the criticism is good to rebuild my own ideas.”

“I was frustrated with my coach and now I’m trying not to repeat this experience with the players,” he declared.

And he concluded his statements, “There was an imbalance in Al-Ahly’s midfield when I took over the team after Feiler, so I changed the way of playing.”


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