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The Egyptian Premier League title holders were close to a precious victory over a strong opponent, but the loss of their players’ focus in the last minutes cost him two points in the domestic championship race.

Al-Ahly acquired the ball 59%, and this is of course due to the expulsion of Nabil Imad “Dunga” before the end of the first half of Thursday’s meeting. Al-Ahly shot 21 times, including 7 on the goal, with an efficiency of 21%, while Pyramids shot 6 times, including 4 on the goal, with an efficiency of 67%.

Al-Ahly’s expected goals during the match were 4.63, of which he scored only twice, which means that he missed opportunities to increase the yield, while the expected goals of Pyramids were 1.93, of which he scored two goals, meaning that Pyramids was more effective and exploited opportunities than his opponent.

Despite the numerical shortage of Pyramids, and despite Al-Ahly scoring the goal in the 81st minute, Al-Ahly players lost the ball 8 times in the last 15 minutes, the highest number during the entire match.

This reflects Al-Ahly’s lack of focus, which caused Eric Traore’s goal, despite the superiority in the number of players and the result minutes before the end.

Pyramids relied on penetration from deep, during the 90 minutes, Pyramids played one right cross pass, which was during the first 15 minutes.

While Al-Ahly relied on the right side of the field more than the left, this reflects a relative decline in the level of Ali Maaloul, who played 10 crosses, only one of which reached a colleague.

On the other hand, Ramadan Sobhi played an excellent match and was the most correct dribble player (5 dribbles) out of 7 attempts, he made the first goal and was a participant in the second.

The most dangerous balls against Al-Ahly were from the depth, two chances for Pyramids, the first scored by Ibrahim Adel, and the second was dribbled by Ibrahim Hassan, but he hit the ball weak in the hands of goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy.

Despite the gaps, Al-Ahly’s defense and midfield played a good match, especially Badr Banoun, who participated in building many attacks, and his passing accuracy reached 96%.

Amr Al-Sulayya was the most ball-derived player of the two teams, 11 times in which he got the second ball, which reflects his good positioning.

Al-Ahly’s midfielder was also the most attempt on goal among his colleagues, shooting 5 times against 3 for winger Taher Mohamed.

*figures from korastats


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