FilGoal | News | Olmo: Taher deserved to be expelled after interfering with Ceballos.. What the referee did is strange


Spain’s Olympic national team player Dani Olmo criticized the decision not to expel Taher Mohamed Taher, the Egyptian winger, in the two teams’ meeting, which took place this morning, Thursday.

The match, which ended in a goalless draw in the first round of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, witnessed an intervention from Taher against Dani Ceballos, and the La Roja players demanded the expulsion of the Pharaohs player.

But the Jordanian referee, Adham Makhadmeh, watched the clip via video technology and decided to display the yellow card only to Taher.

“The decision was strange, especially after the referee saw the shot and only showed the yellow card,” Olmo said in comments reported by the Spanish newspaper “Sport”.

He continued, “I saw the image of the interference and what happened to Dani Ceballos’ ankle after that. For us, undoubtedly, the Egyptian player deserved expulsion, but there are criteria on the basis of which the decision was made, but we should not talk about it and what happened is not an excuse.”

“What upsets us is that Danny is an important player like Oscar Mingueza, and we hope that both of them will recover as soon as possible.”

About the match, he said: “We did not do what we wanted. We wanted to win and we knew that they would defend strongly and we had to attack them all the time, but we missed quick play and there are things we have to improve before the next match.”

As for his personal performance during the match, the German Leipzig player said: “I should have dared a little more and face the defenders and be more between the lines.”

“We are optimistic about what we can achieve in the group,” he stressed.

And about meeting Australia next Sunday, he said: “Some think that we are the most prominent candidate to win because we have players with great potential and play at great European levels, but we do not think like that, but we think about winning and this is what we want to achieve on Sunday.”

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