FilGoal | News | The Olympic Committee explains the reason for the discrepancy in the result of Youssef Tolba, “a technical error and the paper registration”


The official website of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 published Youssef Tolba, the Egyptian player in the bow and arrow competitions, qualified for the round of 32, before the result was modified after nearly half an hour.

The official website indicated that Youssef Tolba won 6-2 and qualified for the round of 32, before that was modified.

After that, the official website revealed that Kazakhstan’s Denis Yankin qualified after winning 6-4 in the deciding round with Youssef Tolba.

“An error occurred in the technical system during the competition, and a wrong result appeared before it was modified afterwards,” the Olympic Committee explained in its press release.

Majed Mohi, coach of the bow and arrow team, said: “Youssef presented a wonderful level and was ahead in the result and I reached a 4-4 draw before the referees committee announced that the electronic system had been suspended and disrupted.”

“The match was stopped for 15 minutes and then resumed through paper registration (according to the regulations).

Mohie concluded his statements, “Youssef Tolba was superior, but the 15-minute stoppage of the match gave the Kazakhstan player an advantage to return to his focus.”

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