FilGoal | News | Tokyo Olympics 2020


Swimmer Marawan El-Nakhs left the 800m freestyle race after finishing the competition in 15th place.

El-Kahsh finished his race in third place with a time of 7:52.76.

And the cloth failed to qualify for the final, which includes the first 8 players in the standings.

Previously, the cloth could not qualify for the final of the 400-meter freestyle swimming competitions in Tokyo 2020.

Al-Qamish finished in 14th place after all the qualifying rounds ended, only one second and 26th of a second prevented him from competing for a medal.

Al-Qar’a finished clearing it in second place, a second and 12 milliseconds ahead of the leader.

Al-Qamshah has left to participate in the 1500-meter freestyle race next Friday.


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