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Australia coach Graham Arnold has confidence in his team’s ability to qualify for the men’s soccer quarter-finals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Australian national team will play against its Egyptian counterpart at 1:00 pm in the third round of the competition.

“We are here for the gold medal, I am very proud of the players and the performance,” the Australia coach said during the press conference. “We did a great performance against Spain. I think we did exceptionally well.”

“We’re sitting here today with the qualification ticket in hand, it’s up to us. We don’t depend on someone else having to beat someone else.”

He continued about the Spain match, which he lost 1-0, saying: “I thought we defended great, we can play better with the ball of course, and we will improve that.”

And he talked about the absences that hit his ranks before the Egypt match, adding: “We have depth in the list. We have new players ready to go.”

Riley McGarry, Nathaniel Atkinson and Mitchell Dock miss the Pharaohs match due to the accumulation of cards.

“We have shown previously that we can play in different ways and with different players and we have a lot of depth so you can’t look at the negatives, look at the positives.”

“Well, three players have been suspended, but they will be ready for the quarter-finals,” he concluded.

Australia needs a win or a draw in order to win the qualification ticket.

Although the Pharaohs are currently bottom of Group C with a single point, beating Australia with a goal on Wednesday may suffice them to qualify for the next round.

How do?

First, Egypt must beat Australia in the last round, which begins at 1 pm on Wednesday.

In the other match between Spain and Argentina there are 3 possible outcomes:

The first is Spain’s victory over Argentina

In this case, Spain will lead the group standings with seven points, then Egypt (4 points), then Australia and Argentina, each with 3 points.

The second is Spain and Argentina

In this case, Spain will qualify as leaders with 5 points, and the goal difference will be in favor of Egypt at the expense of Argentina, so Egypt will qualify as runners-up.

The third is Argentinas victory over Spain

In this case, Argentina will qualify as the group leader, and the runner-up goal difference between Egypt and Spain will be determined.

The current standings of the group:

Spain – 4 points – goals scored 1 – goals conceded 0 – goal difference +1

Australia – 3 points – goals scored 2 – goals conceded 1 – goal difference +1

Argentina – 3 points – goals scored 1 – goals conceded 2 – goal difference -1

Egypt – Points 1 – Goals scored 0 – Goals conceded 1 – Goal difference -1

While the terms of separation between teams equal in points are:

1 – Goal difference in all group matches

2 – Goals scored by the team in all group matches

3 – The number of points in the head-to-head matches between the teams that are still equal

4 – Goal difference in head-to-head matches between teams that are still equal

5 – Number of goals scored in head-to-head matches between teams that are still equal

6 – Fair play (the best team has the fewest points according to the yellow and red cards received)

7 – the lottery


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