FilGoal | News | Tokyo Olympics 2020 – the second day of Egypt’s competitions.. a lot of farewells


The second day of the Egyptian delegation at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics can be titled as full of farewells.

So what happened?


Mayar Sharif bid farewell to tennis after losing with difficulty

Egyptian Mayar Sherif called off the women’s tennis singles competitions at the Tokyo Olympics from the first round.

Mayar Sharif lost to Sweden’s Rebecca Petersson, in two sets, to no charge.

The first set was won by the Swedish player 7-5.

Mayar turned her deficit in the first set from 1-5 to 5-5 before the Swede won the set in her favour.

In the second set, parity prevailed until the end, before Rebecca won the tie-breaker.

The tie between the two players reached a score of 6-6 before Rebecca won the tiebreaker 7-1.

Mohamed Safwat will play Colombian Daniel Galan in the first round at dawn tomorrow, Sunday.


Farida Othman fails to qualify for the semi-finals of the 100 meters butterfly because of 61 parts of a second

Farida Othman did not qualify for the women’s 100m butterfly semi-finals.

Osman finished in eighth place with 58 seconds and 69 parts, a difference of two seconds and 51 parts from the Swedish legend Sara SjOstrom.

Farida did not qualify for the semi-finals, by 61 milliseconds, from the 16th-placed, the last qualifier for the semi-finals.

Farida Othman’s next competition will be at noon on Wednesday, in the 100 meters freestyle competitions.

Despite finishing his second liquidation.. 1.26 seconds prevents the cloth from competing for a medal

Marwan El Nash did not qualify for the final of the 400 meters freestyle swimming competitions in Tokyo 2020.

Al-Qamish finished 14th after all the qualifying rounds ended, only one second and 26th of a second prevented him from competing for a medal.

The next cloth competition will be the 800m freestyle next Tuesday noon.

the flying Feather

Adham Hatem and Doha Hani “Historic” lose from the first-ranked duo

The Egyptian duo, Adham Hatem and Doha Hani, lost to the Chinese duo Si Wei Zheng and Ya Kyund Huan in the group stage of the mixed doubles competitions for badminton.

Hatem and Hani, ranked first, lost 21-5, 21-10.

Doha Hani has a historical record, as she is the only one in the history of badminton in the Olympics, which participates in 3 different competitions, which are the mixed doubles, the women’s doubles, and the women’s singles.

Hadia Hosni and Duha Hani lost in the women’s badminton doubles competitions

The secret of the Egyptian duo, Hadia Hosni and Doha Hani, in the first round of the group stage of the women’s badminton doubles competitions.

The Egyptian duo lost to the Japanese duo, May Matsumoto and Wakana Nagahara, by two games without a response.

The first half ended 21-7, and the second half ended 21-3.

The Egyptian duo did not leave the Olympics, where the badminton doubles matches for women are held in the group system.

Hadia Hosni and Doha Hani will play the second match in the group at 12:20 pm on Monday against the Dutch duo Selena Beck and Cheryl Senen.


Nour Abdel Salam is out of the consolation roles after losing the Turkish

Taekwondo player Nur Abdeslam officially lost her chances of competing for the medal after losing Turkey’s Rukia Yildirim in the semi-finals.

Nour Abdel Salam had lost to the Turkish player in the last eight, 20-21.

Nour Abdel Salam could have competed for a bronze medal, despite losing it, but if the Turkish Rokaya had qualified for the final.

Table Tennis

Yousra Helmy bids farewell to the women’s table tennis singles

Yousra Helmy, the Egyptian player in table tennis, called off the women’s singles competition by losing in the first round.

Yousra, of French nationality and Chinese origin, lost Jia Nanyuan by four sets, without charge.

Yosra Helmy lost in the first half, with a score of 11-3, before losing the second and third periods with the same score, 11-5.

In the fourth game, the score between the two players reached 8-6 in favor of the French, before finally deciding its qualification by winning 11-6.

After Yousra Helmy bid farewell to the women’s singles competitions, she is expected to participate with the women’s team in the team competitions.

The women’s team will play in the semi-finals of the team competitions at dawn on Sunday, August 1st.

The women’s team is represented next to Yousra Helmy by Dina Musharraf and Farah Abdel Aziz.

Asr and Musharraf bid farewell to the table tennis mixed doubles competitions

The duo of Omar Aser and Dina Meshref, the table tennis mixed doubles competitions, were bid farewell to the round of 16.

The Egyptian duo lost 4-1 in the sets, from the Korean duo Lee Sang Soo and Jeon Jin Hee.

The Egyptian duo won the first set 11-9, before losing 4 consecutive games, 11-3, 11-5, 11-7.

And Musharraf’s era continues in the Tokyo competitions, in the singles competitions.

weapon (sapper)

Ziad El-Sisi lost, in the round of 16 of the saber competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, to the eighth seed, Georgian Sandro Bazadze.

Al-Sisi fought, but lost by 3 points, 15-12.

And the second Egyptian is Pazadze, after he eliminated Mohab Samer in the round of 32.

Consequently, all Egyptians were eliminated from the Saber weapon competition, after Mohamed Amer bid farewell to the same role by losing to the first seed, Korean Oh Sanjuk.


Sami Abdel Razek bids farewell to the shooting competitions

Sami Abdel Razek bid farewell to the 10m air pistol shooting competitions after finishing 31st in the heats.

Sami Abdel Razek scored 567 points after 60 shots.

From the shooting qualifiers, only the first 8 competitors qualify for the final, which was held on Saturday.

Al-Zahraa bids farewell to the 10m air rifle competition in shooting

The Egyptian competitor, Al-Zahraa Mohamed, called the 10m air rifle competition in the women’s shooting competition, from the qualifying round

Al-Zahraa ranked 38 out of 50 contestants, after achieving 620 points, and did not enter the top eight qualifiers for the final.

However, Al-Zahra did not leave the Tokyo competitions, where she will compete in the 50m rifle competition at dawn next Saturday.


Al-Arabi bids gymnastics qualifiers

Omar El-Araby, the Egyptian gymnast, was bid farewell to the men’s individual qualifiers

Al-Arabi fell to the 30th place in the general classification, after the end of the second liquidation, to officially lose his chances of qualifying for the final.

Al-Arabi had finished the first qualifying competition in the 14th place out of 22 players.


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