German study: Students’ mental health is as important as education


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Thursday, July 29, 2021

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German experts emphasized that attention to the mental health of children and adolescents during the Corona pandemic should be as much attention to closing educational gaps.

“Communication with peers, enjoyment of life, and age-appropriate experiences in sports, leisure or travel will be central to the future, not just support classes,” said a study by experts from the Federal Institute for Population Research, the results of which were published today, Wednesday in Wiesbaden.

Experts explained that children who are mentally healthy and have self-confidence can better compensate for potential educational deficiencies. Experts pointed out that programs that fund children from socially disadvantaged families to participate in school trips will be beneficial in this regard.

According to experts, the Corona pandemic and the associated closure of day care facilities and schools have had far-reaching effects on education, health, quality of life and future prospects for families.

“Psychological, social, and health problems have increased and should be widely considered in policy decisions,” the study said. In this study, the researchers summarize the results of some studies that have already been published and present their own analyzes and statistical data.




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