“Giza” reveals the truth about the collapse of an 11-storey property on the Truss Bridge


09:08 PM

Saturday 31 July 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

Major General Alaa Badran, the official spokesman for the Giza Governorate, revealed the fact that a property collapsed on top of the new Mariouteya Bridge on Tersa Street, in the Haram area, while implementing a decision to remove the property because it was in violation.

Badran confirmed to “Masrawy” that everything that is being circulated in this regard is incorrect, stressing that the removal of any property is carried out with the knowledge of the governorate’s authorities, and according to a plan prepared in advance, especially if it is adjacent to an important bridge, in addition to the fact that the property consists of 11 floors, which confirms the impossibility of Remove it without prior planning.

A spokesperson for the governorate stressed that the removal process did not affect traffic, stressing that car traffic was running normally.

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